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Christmas nail art design collection! - K&M Bar salon

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When Christmas comes, women have so many things to prepare like decorating the house, buying pretty clothes for the hangs, preparing gifts for the family and friends. Besides stunning makeup and pretty clothes, nail art is also an indispensable part of Christmas outfit.

Red is the color that cannot be missed in this season. It’s pretty even if you mix it with white or golden. Snowflakes and sparkles are nice patterns to decorate your nails too. These nail art designs will give you the best vibe of Christmas.


If you want to look a little cute, it’s a good idea to draw Santa Claus or Rudolph. It is good to decorate with parts or cubics, but it would be nice to give points with French nails or basic colors.

Nail salon 92840

A Christmas tree is also a good idea too, but rather than a colorful and elaborate shape, draw it in zigzag or simple points. The best combination is white with gold, or gold on black and green. These colors will give you the best winter nail art designs.

Christmas is a good occasion to give your nail a new look, to complete your beauty for the most joyful season of the year.
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